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About Us



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Welcome to DEALSJOINT.com, the internet’s #1 store for unique deals

Now that we’ve been sufficiently modest, an explanation: At DEALSJOINT, we’re a different kind of online store. Here’s why we’re the best.

We’re not a “Big Box” Deals Store

There are a plenty of online stores where you find a plethora of products sold at good prices – aka deals. However our definition of deals does not only refer to money – while it is still a significant portion of the deal.

So, whats really the point? We are not the Walmart store for online deals. Thats why the number of products you see on our site isnt a big number. We usually are cheap, but may not be at times. The real deal is the unique research our research team puts in identifying the coolest of the products in alignment with peoples’ behavioral patterns and then having a product ready to satisfy that need.

What started as a fun project from one of our founders’ garage in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2016 is shaping out to something big serving behavioral needs of clients from across the country.

An online deals Company Should be Honest, Fair, and Easy to Deal With.

Honesty: Transparency is a big deal with DEALSJOINT. You talk to a real person for any question that you may have. We return calls and emails within a very short time. Ebay and Amazon have a bunch of cheap deals going all the time but it is highly unlikely you will know whom you are dealing with. It may work most of the time – but until you got the product in hand, you are not sure. Buy from us. We’re the best deals company you’ll find. Most of our clients love to come back and buy from us.

Fair: All our products carry a 14 day 100% guarantee – the 14 day count starts the day the product reaches your door step. If you decide you don’t like your product. Or, it’s not the right style. Or size. Or whatever. Return it. We can exchange it for another. Or will give you all your money back + some of ours. Why? Because it’s fair.

Easy to deal with: In addition to our website, you can order by phone or email, or by clearly writing the desired style and accessories on a post-it note and affixing it to a highly-trained pack mule sent to our front door. (Seriously, if you have a trained mule send him. The product will be free.) Returns are 100% no questions asked. Exchanges are always ok. You don’t even need a good reason. “Umm because” is good enough for us.

Still reading? Stop. Take out your wallet and buy a product with us.  We’re 100% confident you’ll love the experience.

We look forward to be your first choice when it gets to looking for deals 🙂

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